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Informasi Lowongan dan Beasiswa dari Alumni SMANSA 1 Depok 2001

Aircraft Parts Supplier Business

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Online shop now is considered as the best way to promote our product to potential customer. With more than 200 million internet user through out the world and also high speed internet access in the world, online world is as prospective as the real world market. Nowadays many companies also provide their product catalog and information in their company web. The latest thing that also popular is providing tender information online.

For example, some airlines in Malaysia needed some aircraft hardware for their plane that having some problem, then they put that request on their official company web and also to online market place. Aircraft hardware supplier then will submit their offering online through those airlines websites, such as aircraft screws and others.

Above example could also happen both way, for example aircraft hardware provider display their product catalog in their official web and submit it in various directory. Prospective airlines that need their help will contacted the provider to get their product and services.


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June 3, 2009 at 12:22 pm

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