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Dedicated Server for Your Online Business

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I have been doing online business since 2007, since then I just using hosting from some hosting provider or using free blog services, such as blogger or wordpress. Some of the hosting server offers controls to our server more than the one hosted in the free blog services. But, there were also some benefit in using the free blog, instead of hosting blog.

After two years using free blog I’m satisfied with the free blog that never had problem with server maintenance or some server hosting that facing crash, or just another over exceeded capacity of the hosting server.

Exceeding quota problem will never happened in the free blog, but also the free blog will limit your plan to monetize your site using advertisement or some pay-per-click business. The best way to moved your website to much better advertisement is with dedicated server, then you could find the dedicated server info in the internet.


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February 27, 2009 at 1:12 pm

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