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KMZ File Extensions

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File extension KMZ, the zipped file extension that allow 2D or 3D zipped file often having problem to be recognize by the computer, especially that using Windows operating system before Windows Vista. KMZ file extension is build for Google Earth file from Google, software that enable user to view digital imaging from the earth with detailed information of location and bundled using Geographical Map and Information, such as road name and public building.

Software that uses kmz file extension are Google Earth File and Knowledge Map K-Map file. With this unusual file extension kmz, Windows would not recognize the file without the latest driver that match the hardware computer.

Some solution for this problem is by updating your drivers in your official hardware vendor websites or doing a scan in your computer using some software that specialized on this driver scanning and updating. After updating the driver to accommodate File Extension KMZ, your computer would be able to run the file with above software that uses the File Extension KMZ.


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January 24, 2009 at 1:31 am

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