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Review: Annual Holiday Costume

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Annual holiday event is the best time for marketing product, especially for cloth product. The regular cloth annual event such as Halloween is only exist in Europe and North America. Some other country celebrate the Halloween kind of annual tradition, but in different form, such as in South America and Africa.

Although the celebration is different among those country, but the cloth are remain the same and could be marketed around the world.  Therefore, product preparation for those event like product stock, advertise or even rebuilding an existing web store design is need to prepare. Readiness of the product stock is a must, since there will be an increase in order of the product during the peak time. Advertising is important to building potential customer awareness of our product.

Some example of world wide Halloween Costume is the pirates costume that become popular because of the film Pirates of Carribean, even now the pirate had the Woman Pirate Costume with sexy Halloween costumes accent.  Then the last thing to consider is the halloween costume safety for your annual celebration.


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September 1, 2008 at 12:46 am

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