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Informasi Lowongan dan Beasiswa dari Alumni SMANSA 1 Depok 2001

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Many official site also has their own blog, for example google that also display their blog in Mostly google blog display everything that is related to their business development and also they promote google advertising, which is google business. Another example is amazon associates blog, this blog offers amazon associate latest info on product that is offers biggest discount for associates.
Blog from shopwiki is also another sample of blog that is related to main business. Shopwiki as we know is an online store that sell products in internet, start from clothes to song album. They use their blog to marketing their stuff in a different way, which is by using posting about special thing, such as movie from the eighties or popular song from the past and link it to products sell in their online store.
Some of this blog that related to main web usually use specific way to post, for example online store product that writes about unusual stuff they deliver and wrap it in a package called Friday unique stuff. Some of the posting style is to post anything in this blog to seem like simple writing to attract people to read easily. Basically this blog have to attract people to read the blog first then to visit their main web.


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February 3, 2008 at 12:53 am

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